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Amethyst, The purple quartz is considered to exude ‘female’ properties. Admired for its beauty, this semi-precious stone is known for its spirituality and used extensively for healing and meditation. Amethyst naturally relieves anxiety and stress.

It balances the emotions, calms the temper and brings a sense of inner peace. Amethyst helps with mood swings and hormonal imbalances. Sleeping with Amethyst can promote intuitive dreams and astral travel; you will need, however, a pure intention to bring any of that knowledge back.


Amethyst can strengthen the immune system and energise both the pituitary and pineal glands.  This powerful crystal facilitates the transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels.

Amethyst, worn as jewellery, emits a gentle, emotionally calming energy. Often Amethyst and Rose Quartz together are given to loved ones for Love, healing, and to cool and calm anger and frustrations. Amethyst accentuates everything positive, including the emotions of love, joy, peace and inner happiness. The darker the Amethyst, the more profound and more mysterious the love!

Amethyst is used to activate or enhance the abilities of the third eye, used as a crystal for all psychic work, for astral travel and for communicating with spirit guides and angels.

Amethyst is used as a healing crystal in healings, grids, water and for dowsing.

Use Amethyst crystals and basil on your altar to invoke the New Dragon Energies that have entered our galaxy. Dragons’ are Divine Guardians of Mother Earth and are here to aid humanity, harnessing pure light to regenerate and restore the life force of creation. Balancing male and female energies and restoring fertility to nature. Working with Dragon Energy will aid your path to self-empowerment, taking responsibility for the self and bring abundance and inner strength and peace.


Bi-coloured Amethyst

The energy Bi-coloured Amethyst crystals release when held tingle and have the ability to spark change within you.

The piezoelectricity from within these crystals talk to the piezoelectric currants within your DNA strands. Here is the most amazing thing that healers have been talking about for centuries; The energy given off from Quartz crystals is a subtle, stable, natural, constant force. The same energy within the DNA strands of a healthy person. One energy balances and stabilises the other. Bringing Quartz into your energy field can balance your energy field.

Two things cause the shading from clear to purple in bi-coloured Amethyst, varying amounts of iron and varying amounts of radiation. The science of Mother Nature is fascinating. Depending on the amount of iron present and the type of radiation and length of exposure, thousands of exceptionally beautiful, totally unique outcomes are possible. And even though it is possible to fake many gemstones by growing them in laboratories, it is practically impossible to grow a natural-looking bi-coloured Amethyst.

Natural bi-coloured Quartz/Amethyst is considered rare and is sort after by collectors from around the globe. This is not a gemstone that you see in jewellery readily available in every store across the country week in week out. This is a rare occurrence of Mother Nature entertaining herself and providing us with another of her wonders.

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