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The new Star Flower 3-D holographic film is a better version of the Star film  -  not just our opinion, everyone who's seen the two together have agreed.  The Star Flower pattern are brighter, better defined, change their size more, overlap each other more  -  and they also have cute little points of light on the ends of each arm. 


The LEDs are attached to a rotating spindle which cause these starbursts to swirl around inside the pyramid in a really absorbing show of moving lights.  Wonderfully atmospheric and relaxing, as well as being a lot of fun.


In this 60cm high Pyramid lamp the stars are warm white and mounted within a polished silver frame. 


Silver polished frame

16 LEDs
3m clear lead wire

On / off switch

Rotation motor

Mains operated 24v transformer

60cm hight

Ice Starflower Pyramid - 60CM

£43.20 Regular Price
£38.00Sale Price

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