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Facebook Live Sales

For the Next Live details please click the "Next Facebook Live Date" button on the header of this website.

"Amazing company who make customers their number 1 priority" - Jane A via Trustpilot

Facebook Lives - Days and Times

We are normally (99% of the time) live each Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 but please use the link on the header to check the next live date and time as sometimes we have to move the days around slightly and we also add extra lives from time to time.

We also send out emails on live days to our registered customers as a reminder of the live and if you like and follow us on Facebook you should receive a notification popup when we actually go live.

Previous Lives

If you would like to watch any of the previous lives from the past 4 weeks please click the link below.

Important Note
If you see anything you would like more details on or to see if we still have it PLEASE take a screen shot of the item(s) and message us via the main Facebook messenger system as just giving us the stock number means it is impossible to find in the shop as we have 1000's of items.  Thank you.

Facebook Live - General Overview

  • Facebook Lives are free and open to everybody and all you need to do is join us.  There is no registration requirements and we don't need your email address to join the live (but if you are new to us please see below for when we do need it).

  • Facebook Live sessions offer you a way to see a wide range of products from our shop and then if you like the look of a product, buy it (i.e. claim it).

  • We try and make the Live sessions both fun and fair on everybody watching but it should be noted that once you have claimed an item, we expect that you both can and will pay for it (just like leaving a shop).

  • As a rule, we do not offer a swap out service and we expect that if you claim an item you both want it and can afford to pay for it within a few hours of invoice receipt.  However, we also know that circumstances can change and all we ask is that if you claim an item and then in fact don't want it that you advise us straight away as others might have wanted the same item you claimed and we get a chance to get back to other people.

Number System and Prices

  • Everything will have a unique printed number (or be given one on the night ) which is the stock code and the price is also shown in pounds.  If you are wanting to claim the item just message whilst on the live the stock number along with the word MINE or CLAIM in the comments section of the live. 

  • We will confirm that you have been successful by our admin giving you a like (thumbs up) against your message or by us saying on the live that we have your claim and then place your item(s) into a basket.

New Customers - we need your email address

  • When you are happy you have selected what you require you MUST message our main Facebook page giving us your email address (and country if not in the UK) so then we can message you back with your invoice. 

  • Please note that if you have not bought from us before we will not be able to message you until you message the page first so to avoid disappointment please make sure you do this as soon as you have decided you have claimed what you want and or at the end of the live session.

Existing Customers

  • You do not need to message the page with your email address as we will already have it stored within the systems we use and we will just invoice you as normal.

Internet Lag

  • Unfortunately, we have no control over internet speeds or the lag that often happens and your comments may appear in a different place to you rather than us, due to your internet upload/download speeds.

  • We can only take the claim we see first on our screens. If you are experiencing lag, it often helps to exit and reload the app/livestream.

  • Lag also generally seems to be worse on a phone than on a PC/laptop. It is frustrating for everyone, but we cannot do anything about it unfortunately.

  • If you are watching on a phone, try closing all other apps and turn off power saver mode.



  • PayPal Invoices are sent after the live has finished via email and you can pay with all the usual methods - PayPal (preferred for most transactions), credit/debit card and or bank transfer. 

    • If you pay via Bank Transfer please let us now that you  have paid so we can check and update your invoice.

  • All invoices should be paid within 12 hours please (max 24) unless you have a prior agreement with us or an open basket. 

    • Please remember that we are a shop and as such you would not be able to leave a shop or buy other items online without paying as you leave.  We are no different but as we operate lives the only way we receive payments is to raise an invoice.  Therefore, we need to allow you a little time to pay but we do expect that payment will be made typically with 12 hours of receiving the invoice - or before if possible.

  • When using PayPal the address we will ship your items to is the one that PayPal have listed against you so please make sure that your PayPal account is up to date with your correct address details.  However, if you want your items shipped to a different address this is also possible BUT you need to let us know..! :-)  

  • All unpaid invoices after 36 hours of issue will be cancelled, and all items placed back into stock so please contact us if you have any problems in paying within that timeframe.

  • If you do not communicate with us about not paying your invoice and we cancel your invoice unless there is a good reason that you have told us about we will not respond to any other future claims on any lives.  This may seem harsh but claiming items, creating invoices and assigning those items to you takes time and effort and non payment with no response to the invoice raised is unfair on both us and others on the live that may have wanted the same items.

Open Baskets - Workings and Terms and Conditions

  • Once you have paid your first invoice in full (we do this just to make sure that you are both real and can pay as we have been let down in the past) you will be able to take advantage of our open basket system.

  • We can hold your basket and invoice open for up to 4 weeks from invoice date for a non-refundable minimum £20 deposit per £100 of basket value.  Therefore, if you add to your basket over the open 4 week period, we will ask you for extra deposits to cover the increasing invoice value based on £20 deposit for each £100 basket value. 

  • Please note that all deposits paid are none refundable.

  • Worked Example
    • We review and agree and will then edit the invoice to allow the open basket minimum part payment of £20 and update the invoice due date to the agreed date or a date 4 weeks from the invoice date.

      • Note that the £20 will count towards your total invoice payment but if the invoice is not paid the deposit will be kept.

      • Note that postage will be added at £6.80 (correct as of 01/01/2023) even if you only have a few items as open baskets tend to have higher values and more items than a single invoice paid in the live night and as such we try and cover this off from the outset.  If however your invoice value remains low and the size and weight of the parcel to be sent means a lower value postage would be due, we will adjust the invoice accordingly.

    • You then pay the £20 open basket min deposit charge within 12 hours and we will hold the basket open for you until you pay (within the 4 week period).​

    • You can continue to add items to your basket over the 4 week open basket period and you will receive invoice updates as we add any new claims you make.

    • If you basket value starts to increase, for every £100 basket value we expect a £20 deposit charge to be paid which is non-refundable.  We will advise you of this on each invoice update.

    • If you do not pay within the agreed invoice due date and or do not make contact reference payment, after the due date and if the invoice has not been paid in full then the items will be returned to the stock and your invoice cancelled and all deposit money kept. 

    • Also note that if any items are put back during the course of the open basket invoice period, we reserve the right to cancel the deposit already paid and request that deposit value again to cover admin costs and to encourage people to only claim what they can afford.  In essence your invoice will have a "put-back" charge added to it equal to the deposit already paid.  We will of course review this on a case by case basis as we know sometimes events happen beyond you control. 


Larger Single Item Orders over £200

  • On larger single item(s) (over £200) we offer Clear in 3 a three instalments payment plan option and can hold the items for a minimum 33% non refundable deposit and offer the Clear In 3 payment plan option to clear the full invoice value. 

  • Your item(s) will only be shipped to you once the invoice has been fully paid.  

  • Please do not hesitate to message us to see what we can do to help as we completely understand everybody has different circumstances.


Postage Costs and Delivery Expectations
Please click here for postage and delivery details

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