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Fuchsite (Fuchchite)

Fuchsite is a deep sparkly green colour from a chromium rich variety of Muscovite. Fuchsite is the rescue mineral to reach for when suffering with emotional trauma.

Bonds that have formed in this lifetime and even past lifetimes, including soul mate relationships, can be incredibly difficult to get over when the time comes for parting. There are many reasons for relationships to cease, but anyone of them can feel like the world has ended and nothing will ever be the same again. However, we keep breathing and life goes on.

Fuchsite has deep heart energy, it strengthens and energetically nourishes the entire chakra system.

Tumble a few pieces through your hand, place on the heart or energise your drinking water with them.

Fuchsite is great for harmonising the energy ‘auric’ field that so often spins out of control. It gently eases pain, physical and emotional.

For emotional healing, use with Scheelite Jasper, Nzuri Moyo, Serephinite and Sunset Sodalite.

Fuchsite, when used in channelling, can bring us information concerning natural and herbal holistic remedies. It has the unusual property of ‘shifting’ energy to points where it appears lowest.  It can remove the excess energy from blockages and transfer it, as positive energy, to where it is needed most. It is very successful in helping with spinal alignment, muscular flexibility and balancing blood cells. Fuchsite is a good mineral to use with other crystals.

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