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Magic Spell Candle - Gift Set


  • This captivating collection of mini spell candle jars includes six scented candles that are ideal companions for spellcasting and other rituals.
  • Whether used for candle magick or as alternative decor, this set makes a great gift for those interested in witchcraft and spellwork.
  • Fragrances include
    • Love (red rose)
    • Protection (black opium)
    • Friendship (floral)
    • Prosperity (lavender)
    • Happiness (white sage)
    • Luck (green tea)
  • Approximately 15-hour burn time.
  • Paraffin Wax



Magic Spell Candle - Gift Set

SKU: FI_38723

3 Candles or More 5% off

  • Dimensions  H8.6cm x W5.8cm x D5.8cm

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