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Wooden Basket Basket wt Fire Rocks


Discover the magic that a Himalayan Salt Lamp can bring to your home. Each lamp is individually handcrafted and unique, with colours ranging from beautiful pinks, warm oranges and even deep reds. Every lamp is comprised of pure Himalayan salts carefully selected and expertly carved by the premium craftsmen in Pakistan. 


The wooden basket is the perfect vessel to cradle the fire rocks allowing users to witness the mixture of warm tones created by the layers of salt rocks and the bulb that sits at the heart of the lamp. Not to mention the homely feel given by the wooden structure!


Himalayan Salt is widely known for it's multiple health benefits, namely it's ability to absorb water and positive ions from the air (the particles that irritate our respiratory system) then, when heated, the salt releases negative ions which are scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health by oxygenating our tissue which in turn can improve our mood, concentration, and quality of sleep.  


Not only do Himalayan salt lamps have many health benefits, they also look great whilst bringing warmth and a gentle glow to any living space. 

Please note due to the product being hand made all products may differ slightly.


  • Includes Power Lead & Bulb
  • Uses E14 15W Bulb
  • Cable Length - 1.5m
  • Individually boxed
  • 100% Authentic Himalayan Salt




Salt Lamp - Wooden Basket with Fire Rocks

SKU: L-7720
£48.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price

2 or more 5% oFF

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