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Scented Sachets

We are pleased to offer this new range of amazing Scented Sachets
as an alternative to burning candles, wax or oils.

For those that do not want to have naked flames in their homes or for where having a lit candle is impossible like in the car, wardrobe, pets house, kids room for example, these new sachets are the perfect  solution.  With a wide range to choose from there will be a scent for everybody and they last for upto 4 months..!

Safe, no flame, no liquid and no hot wax..!

Shown below are the items we currently hold in stock (more being added soon)
but you can see the whole range using the on-line digital catalogue and order anything from us just by letting us have the relevant item name.  

On-line digital catalogue  - click here to open.
Scented Sachets usage image
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