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Agate - Blue Lace

A form of chalcedony which naturally forms in bands of beautiful colours. It occurs as a cavity filling in lava and can often have wonderful crystals growing inside. An Agate Geode, immersed in dye before cutting, produces random absorption of colour. When they are cut and polished the finished product looks spectacular.

There are many natural colours of Agate, each having a slightly different vibration. Agate provides for the balancing of yin-yang energy and is therefore a good overall healing stone that brings balance to all parts of the body.

It is a stone that helps create a bridge between the physical and the etheric bodies, seeking truth and courage within. It can aid in lifting depression by opening the door to understanding. It is both energising and grounding. The lymphatic system, the pancreas and the circulatory system all benefit from this mineral by stabilising the aura from the heart chakra downward, grounding dysfunctional energies.

Distinguished by the blue and white banding, when held in the hands the delicate light shade of blue enters the aura and immediately begins work on two levels. First, it has been used by healers to strengthen the skeletal structure of the body. It can help with rheumatoid arthritis, bunions and rheumatoid nodules. Most healers would ask the patient to hold a few tumbled pieces in their hands, moving them around with their fingers or keeping them in their pockets like worry beads. The second level the mineral works on is by activating the chakras from the heart up, particularly the third eye and the crown. It works slowly and subtly, connecting one to higher being and mindfulness.

Blue Agate is colour enhanced. Has the same qualities as Agate plus many believe that the intensity of the colour blue harmonises yin and yang energy. Builds self-confidence and raises consciousness and awareness.

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