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Apatite is an alluringly beautiful crystal, and yet still today not getting the credit it deserves. If you ask a dozen different healers or sensitives, what are you picking up from this crystal? or how would you use it? You will get a dozen different answers. And because of this, you rarely see it in crystal healers working crystal pouch or therapy room.

It appears to have taken a few decades of working with this mineral to develop a definitive hypothesis of what this beautiful looking mineral is capable of. There is an agreement amongst healers that Apatite can be useful on any chakra. Apatite can remove blockages in the aura if they are not too big or have been there a long time easily, just by bringing Apatite into your energy field.

What has become known about this misunderstood mineral more recently is that it can also remove long-standing blockages in the emotional body and the mental body; Blockages that may have been there through many lifetimes.

If there are events in your life or relationships that trip you up time and time again;

If you ask yourself, ‘why is it always me?’ or ‘why does this always happen to me?’

You may find working with Apatite will clear this energy. Stuck energy can be the hardest thing to remove or move on. It’s there for a reason, and until it is addressed, will stay there. That’s why Apatite is a little miracle of a crystal. It is persistent and when you are awake enough to pay attention to the message it brings, it can work its magic and finish the healing.

Whether you are dealing with twin-flame issues, soul-mate issues, how you relate to people, how people relate to you. Worrying about perceived inadequacies, stressing about public speaking and a whole plethora of self-image or self-acceptance issues, Apatite is the clever secret weapon in your corner that can turn everything around.

There are many colours of Apatite, the more available being blue/green, azure blue and a yellow//green known as asparagus Apatite.

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