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On the edge of a land-locked country in South America, in the mists of the Amazon Rainforest basin lies a unique phenomenon. A commercial crystal mine that produces some of the world’s rarest gems. The Anahi Mine is slap-bang in the middle of South America among the pampas and jungle terrain of Bolivia.

The natural Amethyst/Citrine fusion that forms here is exquisite with prices rising due to the inaccessibility of the mine and the skilled workforce extracting it. Although blasting is necessary to break through to the Ametrine seams all the excavation thereon is done by careful pick mining.

The seams are opened up and tunnels made safe before skilled workers laboriously pick through tons of hard rock extracting the finest specimens for the crystal and jewellery markets.

The true beauty of Ametrine is found in the blend of the two opposite colours as they flow into one another. Each piece being unique. Some rare finds have a distinct division of colour as in a bi-coloured quartz. These are jaw-droppingly amazing in their own right. They can look like a horizon with a line between the two colours. However, most pieces have a water-colour kind of flow-blending into one another feel. After that it’s down to the gem cutters experience and gift to bring out the best characteristics of each piece.

Looking through a collection of jewellery items that have been facet cut from the same source can be mesmerising. Each piece unique in its own right. Some gem cutters will cut the Ametrine with the Citrine in the centre giving a golden flash if that’s possible. These most often are cut into a brilliant-cut giving 58 facets and returning the most amount of light. They may be rectangle, round or square and can be quite deep requiring a raised jewellery mount.

If the Ametrine is a bi-quartz it may be set in a Baguette cut (with 14-18 parallel facets making it long and thin) or emerald brilliant cut,(rectangle) again with 58 facets. These can look surreal and if there are slight inclusions can look like dolphins or angels in the gemstone. These are the same cuts as used for diamond cutting and take great skill to perfect.

So as you can see every single piece of Ametrine is rare and unique and valued not just by the price it cost to obtain but by the feeling it evokes in the heart.

Ametrine is used by healers to sooth the male and female energies reinstating balance in the physical and all the subtle bodies. It calms anger and resentments and aids the analytical higher chakras to talk to the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. It is positive and uplifting to hold and have around you. When worn it brings out the joy in life.

For those lacking in confidence it will stimulate courage and for those who are over confident brash and overbearing it imbrue in them a dose of empathy and understanding.

Ametrine helps couples talk to each other. It is not a sticking plaster but has a more ‘let’s thrash things out’ kind of solution to a problem approach. If both parties carry Ametrine with them, it can help heal old wounds and get them communicating properly again. It holds couples together who want to be held together. It gives them the tools to become the best they can be and allows them each to make each other more.

Ametrine is believed to strengthen the immune system, regenerating and recharging the physical body. It is believed to be an exceptional blood cleanser and energiser, ridding the bloodstream of unwanted toxins. It clears the head from stress and tension allowing great focus for meditation. It is an ‘opener’ of the ‘third eye’ – inspiring healing and divination.

Use Ametrine on the dark side of the moon for slowly getting rid of things – cancers, growths, warts etc; and from new moon to full moon use to speed things up – to regenerate and grow.

There can be benefits to those with problems with hiatus hernias by having a piece placed below the throat chakra either worn as jewellery or taped in place with a piece of surgical tape.

Another big success with Ametrine is in treating those who have ‘lost their voice’. I don’t mean physically lost their voice although some have used it to help this. I mean for those who through abuse or through constantly being told they are wrong or don’t know anything have eventually stopped talking.

If one is told enough times that they don’t have anything to add to the conversation, that they are stupid or dumb or that they could not possibly understand then sooner or later they give up. Sometimes it is easier to just go along with someone else simply to keep the peace. Inside your head you may be answering, shouting or even swearing but on your face is calm and your body language is submissive. It might be a generational thing, but the last forty years it’s been a big problem. Some will go on to develop an irritating cough, dry throat or thyroid problem. Some will lose confidence and be fearful of saying or speaking to anyone perhaps even leading to agoraphobia. From a healers perspective most will start the consultation with ‘I don’t know what’s going on but I think there is something wrong with my throat.’

Being a Crystal Healer is a bit like being a detective. You need to find out what is the cause of the condition. Ametrine calms the throat chakra. The piezoelectricity in this amazing crystal talks to and relaxes the DNA strands in the physical body allowing the voice to be heard. It can be astonishing how quickly it can restore the voice and the self-confidence.

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