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Agate - Green

(Green Agate) A form of chalcedony which naturally forms in bands of beautiful colours. It occurs as a cavity filling in lava and can often have wonderful crystals growing inside. An Agate Geode, immersed in dye before cutting, produces random absorption of colour. When they are cut and polished the finished product looks spectacular.

There are many natural colours of Agate, each having a slightly different vibration. Agate provides for the balancing of yin-yang energy and is therefore a good overall healing stone that brings balance to all parts of the body.

It is a stone that helps create a bridge between the physical and the etheric bodies, seeking truth and courage within. It can aid in lifting depression by opening the door to understanding. It is both energising and grounding. The lymphatic system, the pancreas and the circulatory system all benefit from this mineral by stabilising the aura from the heart chakra downward, grounding dysfunctional energies.

Green Agate is wonderful for activating the chakras from the heart chakra down. It can ground and balance the auric field giving stability and balance. It is believed to reduce frustration and slow the metabolism, calming anger and agitation.

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